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First Aid Kit Wall Mountable Metal Box

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$210.00 (ex. GST)

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Complies with WHS 2012 Regulations for Workplaces.
Includes 2 additional modules - Eye ‘n’ Wound and an Outdoor module, to suit the common injuries that occur on construction sites.
1 x Adhesive Strips, Fabric, 72 x 19mm, Pk50
1 x Adhesive Strips, Plastic, 72 x 19mm, Pk50
4 x Antiseptic Alcohol Wipe/swab, Sterile, Pk200
1 x Antiseptic Liquid, 50ml Spray
10 x Antiseptic Wipe/swab, Sterowipe, Non-sting, Alcohol Free, Sterile
5 x Hydrogel Burn Gel Sachet, 3.5g
1 x Cold Pack, Instant, Large Boxed
1 x Combine Dressing, 10 x 20cm, Sterile
3 x Conforming Bandage, 5cm, White
3 x Conforming Bandage, 7.5cm, White
1 x Crepe Bandage, Heavy, 10cm, Brown
4 x Eye Pads, Sterile, Pk1
8 x Eyewash Ampoule, 30ml
1 x First Aid Module, Eye & Wound Dressing, Soft Pack
1 x First Aid Module, Outdoor, Soft Pack
1 x Forceps, Splinter, Stainless Steel, 12.5cm
5 x Gauze Swab 7.5 x 7.5cm Pk 5
1 x Gloves, Disposable, Large (2/pack)
1 x Large Plastic Bag, Re-sealable, 150x230mm
1 x CPR Flowchart, Wallet Size
1 x Emergency First Aid Information Booklet
1 x Medium Plastic Bag, Resealable, 150 x 230mm
1 x Non Adherent Dressing, 10 x 10cm
3 x Non-adherent Dressing, 10cm x 7.5cm Sterile
6 x Non Adherent Dressing, 5x5cm
1 x Notebook With Pencil
1 x Paper Tape, 2.5cm X 9m, Hypo-allergenic White
6 x Povi Iodine Swabs, Pk100
1 x Rescue / Thermal Blanket Silver Space
1 x CPR Face Shield, Disposable With Non-return Valve
1 x Safety Pins Card Of 12 Assorted