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Road Work Accessories

  • Barrier Mesh

    $0.00 Tax incl.

    $0.00 (ex. GST)

    UV Stabilised, highly visible, fluorescent orange polyethylene mesh.Measures 50m x 1m.Weight 8kg.

  • Collapsible Traffic Cones

    from $35.18 Tax incl.

    $31.99 (ex. GST)

    Collapses down for easy storage under seats or in tool boxes. Fluoro orange with a reflective collar for high day or night visibility. Contains bui...

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  • Cone Ring

    $26.40 Tax incl.

    $24.00 (ex. GST)

    Easily connects chains and bunting flags.Strong ABS plastic material.75mm inner diameter.Fits to any size traffic cone.

  • Guide Posts

    $0.00 Tax incl.

    $0.00 (ex. GST)

    Heavy duty, thick PVC plastic flexible guide post with Class 1 Reflective.Red reflective marker on one side with white marker on the other.Dimensio...

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  • Hazard Warning Light

    $26.14 Tax incl.

    $23.77 (ex. GST)

    Flashes on and off.Requires 2 batteries (sold separately).Can be attached to the top of T Top Bollards or Stackable Bollards.

  • Hazard Warning Light Battery

    $8.25 Tax incl.

    $7.50 (ex. GST)

    Battery to suit Hazard Warning Light.Each Hazard Warning Light requires two batteries.

  • LED Cone Light

    $33.00 Tax incl.

    $30.00 (ex. GST)

    Fits most traffic cones by being inserted into the hole at the top.Powered by 2 x D batteries (not included).Switches on automatically in low light...

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  • Stackable Bollard

    $0.00 Tax incl.

    $0.00 (ex. GST)

    Stackable T Top Bollards are ideal for vehicles with limited room. These bollards easily stack on top of each other and dramatically reduce cartage...

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  • Star Picket Cap - Round

    $0.97 Tax incl.

    $0.89 (ex. GST)

    Prevent injury from the top of star pickets by installing these protective caps.Round and triangular versions available.The triangular shape preven...

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  • T Top Bollard

    $35.11 Tax incl.

    $31.92 (ex. GST)

    This fluorescent orange bollard has a reflective band for high visibility during the day, night and all weather conditions. It is very stable in hi...

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  • Traffic Cone

    from $14.30 Tax incl.

    $13.00 (ex. GST)

    Traffic cones are usually placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. They are often used to create separation o...

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  • Traffic Control Wand

    $28.49 Tax incl.

    $25.90 (ex. GST)

    Ideal for directing traffic.Wand measures 350mm long and has 2 settings - flashing red and solid red.Runs on 2 x D size batteries (not included).