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Lockout Stations

  • Lockout Station - 5 Padlocks

    $275.00 Tax incl.

    $250.00 (ex. GST)

    Basic Lockout Station contains:5 x Lockout Padlocks10 x Do not Operate Tags5 x Out of Service Tags1 x Lockout Hasp Size: 300 x 400mm

  • Lockout Station - Compact Double

    $244.86 Tax incl.

    $222.60 (ex. GST)

    Includes 5 x Lockout Padlocks, 5 x Do Not Operate Tags, 5 x Out of Service Tags and 1 x Steel Hasp

  • Padlock Lockout Station

    from $223.30 Tax incl.

    $203.00 (ex. GST)

    Includes tray for equipment and tags.Available with either120 or 56 padlocks / hasps.