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Road Work Signs

  • Barrier Board

    from $0.01 Tax incl.

    $0.01 (ex. GST)

    Barrier board available in yellow or black and yellow.Barrier board legs sold separately.

  • Barrier Board Legs

    $51.26 Tax incl.

    $46.60 (ex. GST)

    Legs to hold barrier board.Legs only, barrier board sold separately.

  • Box Edge Sign - Workmen

    $114.40 Tax incl.

    $104.00 (ex. GST)

    All Road Signs conform to AS 1742, AS 1743 and AS 1906.

  • Box Edge Sign Legs

    $48.36 Tax incl.

    $43.97 (ex. GST)

    Set of legs suitable for holding boxed edge signs.

  • Multi Message Frame

    from $59.38 Tax incl.

    $53.99 (ex. GST)

    Steel frame for Multi Message Board.Frame only - legs and signs sold separately.Dimensions 1270 x 930mm.Available in horizontal or vertical configu...

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  • Multi Message Frame Legs

    $58.30 Tax incl.

    $53.00 (ex. GST)

    Pair of legs for Steel Multi Message Board.Frame and signs sold separately.

  • Stop / Slow Bats

    $117.30 Tax incl.

    $106.64 (ex. GST)

    Stop - Slow Bats for use in road work areas.Signs are 450mm diameter Class 1 Reflective.Available with either telescopic aluminium or wooden handle.