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First Aid Kit - Tackle Box

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Complies with WHS 2015 Regulations for Workplaces.
Standard Workplace Kit that contains contents specific to WHS requirements for Australian workplaces.
Entry level kit for workplaces where additional risks do not exist. Caters for 1-25 People in a ‘Low Risk’ Workplace.
25 x Plastic Plaster 72 x 19mm
25 x Fabric Premium Strip 72mm x 19mm
5 x Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g
1 x Pen Light Diagnostic
1 x Spray 50ml
1 x Notebook & Pen
1 x Face Shield Disposable
1 x CPR Flow Chart Card
5 x Glove Nitrile Powder Free gloves
9 x SWAB Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm
8 x WASH Eye Wash Liquid Ampoule 15ml
10 x Cleansing Wipe
10 x PROBE Splinter Probes 3.7cm
1 x Tweezer 12cm Plastic
6 x PAD Low Adherent Dressing 5cm x 5cm
3 x PAD Low Adherent Dressing 7.5cm x 10cm
2 x PAD Low Adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm
3 x Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4m
3 x Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m
1 x Conforming Premium H/Weight 10cm x 4.5m
1 x Scissor 10cm
1 x Microporous Paper Tape 2.5cm x 5m
6 x Safety Pin
1 x Wound Dressing #13
1 x Wound Dressing #14
1 x Wound Dressing #15
1 x Combine Dressing 10cm x 20cm
3 x Amputated Parts Bags Assorted Sizes
2 x Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x 155cm
1 x Emergency Rescue Blanket 127 x 180cm
4 x Eye Pads 5.5cm x 7.7cm
1 x Instant Ice Pack 80g
1 x Single End Applicators pack/10
1 x First Aid Leaflet